A Dinner to Remember, history homework help

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A  Dinner to Remember

Suspend your
disbelief for a moment and consider that the following scenario could actually

a scientist/historian you have been experimenting through electromagnetic rays
with the concept of time travel. 
One by-product of this experimentation is the ability to allow people
from the past to travel to the present. 
As a recipient of numerous prizes, including the Nobel, you now have the
ability as well as the funds to tackle a major project.  This undertaking will be the
culmination of a life’s work as well as the pinnacle of professional
acumen.  It represents an event of
international importance.  Funding
is in place, and the project is set to go.

will host an historical dinner inviting ten major personalities from the past
to the present for a gathering of the minds.  The event must be planned, complete with who will be invited
from the past, what will be served as well as where it will be held.  Remember, this occasion will be of
national and global significance, thus security will be an issue.  Dining will be a concern because
ancient palates might have tastes and preferences different than our own.  The seating of guests is important
because certain “figures” from the past might or might not want to set

a prospectus addressing these concerns as well as suggested topics for
conversation.  What would you like
to result from this gathering?  Do
you believe current dilemmas could be assisted by the “wisdom” of ancient
peoples?  Elaborate

8-10 pages typed,
double spaced

12 point font

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