5 pages essay history class

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Purpose: This assignment is designed to meet several learning objectives including allowing students to demonstrate an understanding of the social context of significant events in US history and to become familiar with what the US government asks of the men and women who serve in the military.

Skills: This essay will allow students to develop their critical thinking and analytical writing skills, and their ability to craft an essay with an accurate thesis statement supported with well- selected and well-organized evidence from the sources.

Task: For this paper you will read accounts and memoirs of the recent war in Iraq, also known as Operation Iraqi Freedom. The accounts written by Americans who participated in that conflict often have coarse language and disturbing images and imagery, which reflects the course culture of the US military.

The Questions: How did soldiers experience the war in Iraq? How did they cope with the situations in which they found themselves? How did these situations and this coping reflect poor planning on the part of their commanders and the US government? What went wrong with the plan of United States to establish and maintain peace in Iraq?

The Sources: Everyone will use the same sources this time. You have one video and the extracts from three sources at your disposal. They are all located on Canvas. Each has a different perspective on the war. Use these sources to evaluate the stated and inferred reasons for the author’s beliefs, ideology, and argument.


– The paper will be at least 5 pages in length.The Paper:

– All papers must have a title and a thesis statement. A thesis statement is 1-3 sentence(s) that clearly states your argument.

– You must utilize the sources. Use quotes from the sources to make a strong argument. When citing sources use the short form in parentheses at the end of the sentence. E.g. Ruff writes, “It mattered little whether we washed ourselves in the shower or chose the ‘GI bath’ method of bathing because within five minutes of completing our shower or bath, we would once again be covered with sand and dirt.” (Ruff, Ruff’s War, p. 155).

– Quotes of four or more lines must be blocked – indented, single-spaced, and without quotation marks.

– Include an introduction that ends with your thesis statement, and a conclusion that summarizes your points.

– Do not use 1st person (I, we, us, our, etc.) or 2nd person (you).

– Use the past tense if possible.

– Use Times New Roman 12pt font. Double-space your paper. 1” margins. Number the pages.

– Be sure to proofread your paper.

Writing Assignment Checklist

_____ Essay is at least five double-spaced pages.

_____ Essay has 1-inch margins.

_____ Essay has page numbers.

_____ Essay uses 12pt Times New Roman font.

_____ Student has included name on first page.

_____ Essay includes a title, introduction, conclusion, and thesis.

_____ Essay does NOT include subheadings.

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