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  • You must use at least 1 peer-reviewed reference published within the past 4 years (and not used in the original posting) in your response.The reference must be from the library (see guidelines above).
  • Do not simply revisit what was discussed in the thread, but add information from the unique article you researched on the concept and compare the findings.Did the findings of the article you found and the articles used in the original thread agree, disagree, address different aspects of the concept?
  • Use APA format and write in 3rd person.


Human Relations

Human Relations: Relations between or patterns of interaction among human individuals, esp. regarded as a field of study (Oxford English Dictionary).


The following article is a collaboration of forty unnamed participants and provides us with some of their personal experiences in life, specifically in relationship to their careers after being diagnosed with a disability like that of hearing loss. We can see how these individuals redefine themselves personally after discovering that they can no longer hear the same way as they once did, also the way in which success is redefine now by desiring much different things than they once did and finally in the way their current work is redefine.

The steps and changes that people go through in dealing with the fact that one of their senses is no longer available for them to use in their daily lives is truly life changing. Having a loss of hearing therefore requires honest self-evaluation in a way that can empower one to look for help and then be able to create a new self for the purpose of living a fulfilled life were we not only help ourselves but can inspire and also empower others as they too deal with their challenges. In this way they have embraced who they now are and are actively be engaged in new roles they are a perfect fit for.

David C Baldridge is a Newcomb Fellow and Associate Professor of Management for the Oregon State University College of Business, USA and is also a Research Associate for the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). He earned his PhD in Management from The University of Connecticut, Storrs, and his MBA in Finance from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Mukta Kulkarni is an Associate Professor and the Mphasis Chair for Digital Accessibility and Inclusion at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. She has been a member of the Confederation of Indian Industry’s National Committee on Special Abilities and continues her attempts to understand workplace inclusion of persons with a disability.


The two articles I chose to use for this assignment relate to the concept of human relations in that they both show how psychological and social factors influence work performance.

The way a person experiences hearing loss can have a deep psychological impact on them personally and professionally, negative feelings of self-identity can have an impact on how well they can perform in their careers. At times some people can not accept the fact that their hearing is diminishing so they act in a self-denial way as to not deal with the challenge that this disability may bring and thus delaying the consequences of their procrastination. In doing this they ignore the fact that their work will suffer for not seeking help and may also contribute to the detriment of the organization they work for, therefore forcing their employer to take matters into their own hands. Once they accepted themselves as they are or their new selves then they can bring change forth. This change takes time and concentrated effort, a new role in the work place or change of careers might be the course of action in recreating the new self, also the social support and networks will change and offer new ideas and opportunities for the future. Workplaces should continue to contribute with individuals that have disabilities and look for innovative ways to accommodate them.

Helping the poorest in the world is a very challenging task to undertake and some have propose micro financing as a way for poor families around the world to come out of that cycle but it is not a course of action for everyone since not every person can be a successful entrepreneur therefore leaving those who took the loans in debt and some have even resorted to suicide. So the psychological and social factors in poor societies have to be taken into consideration when helping them, taking an approach of building infrastructure and supporting small businesses to provide year around work opportunities to the local population should be supported, also schools and hospitals should be invested in so that the population could start building up a new generation with new ideas and innovations. Companies should not only want to profit from these communities at the expense of their natural resources and instead invest in the social fabric to work with them in enabling human capital growth. So, to invest in the long-term future of those communities is not only beneficial to them but also to the company investing in them. It is also an opportunity to collaborate in new and creative ways with a new market and build new businesses with strong psychological and social factors to influence performance in that sector of the population, it would take time and concentrated effort but the rewards would benefit everyone.

Biblical Integration:

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ (Col. 3:23-24). We should contribute to our place of employment and do our very best regardless of the situation we are in and how hard or challenging it could be. And if we are business owners we can provide assistance and support to those we employ, treating them fairly and supplying the work environment needed for them grow and contribute so that they too can have a place to enjoy coming too and fulfilling their potential and provide for their families.

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