2 pages movie analysis

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Watch a movie from the list provided by the Instructor and then write up 2-4 page paper in APA format that identifies and describes three theoretical frameworks relevant to Lifespan and human development you learned about in class, videos, guest speakers, and/or from reading your textbook that is present in the film. If you have your own idea of a movie that is not on the list, please share this with Professor Thom before writing your analysis.

Example: Include Vygotsky’s concepts of learning, Operant Conditioning, Observational Learning, Psychosexual (Freud), Psychosocial (Erikson), Cognitive (Piaget), or Humanistic Theories (Jung, Maslow, Adler, Positive Psychology, Positive Aging).

*We covered a variety of theories and by the time you are done with this class, you will have listened to three guest speakers, too. Include what makes sense to you.


I don’t expect you to know how to write a scholarly film analysis, however, I encourage these basic guidelines:

  • Cite the title of the movie and all references used (in-text citations and on a separate reference page).
  • Provide background information and formulate the thesis in the introductory paragraph. “The purpose of this paper is ______________.”
  • Use direct quotations of keywords and phrases.
  • Use tags (“according to” or “as explained in the movie”) to remind the reader that you are summarizing the view presented rather than your own.
  • Avoid summarizing the plot. That is not the purpose of this paper.
  • Be sure to BRIEFLY reference the scene and characters in your description.
  • Remember: This is NOT a movie review, but an opportunity for you to demonstrate the synthesis of class/textbook concepts. References outside the movie or class material and the textbook are strongly discouraged.
  • You MUST specify a specific component of any theoretical frame you are writing about. Be able to defend your position logically from the materials presented in class or the textbook.

List of movies:

Transformation and Renewal

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Full Monty, The (1997)

Green Book, The (2019)

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Groundhog Day (1993)

Lost in Translation (2003)

Magnolia (1999)

Mustang, The (2019)

Pieces of April (2003)

Ruby in Paradise (1993)

Schindler’s List (1993, emotionally challenging)

Something Gotta Give (2003)

Station Agent, The (2003)

Where’d you go, Bernadette (2019)

The Whale Rider (2002)

The Peaceful Warrior (2006)


About Schmidt (2002)

The Bucket List (2007)

Cocoon (1995)

Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)

On Golden Pond (1981)

Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

Space Cowboys (2000)

Strangers in Good Company (1990)

Thousand Acres, A (1997)

Trip to Bountiful, The (1985)

Trouble with the Curve (2012)

Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (1993)

Death and Dying

Accidental Tourist (1988)

Adam (TV, 1983)

All That Jazz (1979)

Beaches (1988)

Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

Color Purple, The (1985)

Crimes of the Heart (1986)

Dad (1989)

Descendants, The (2011)

Dead Poets Society (1989)

Defending Your Life (1991))

Duet for One (1986)

Dying Young (1991)

Flat Liners (1990)

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