10 lines on what form a sijo is number of lines syllables order and the 3 parts the poems

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10 lines on what form a sijo is: number of lines, syllables, order and the 3 parts. the poems, “Prologue” and “Untitled” are attached here. The poem of Hwang Chin-i(Jini) is below and “Mansooni, Comfort Woman” by Ko Un is online.

In 10 lines discuss the form of the sijo; number of lines,syllables, order, the three parts and history of it and answer following questions.

Here it the poem by Hwang Chin-i(Jini)( 1522-1565; most revered female classical poet). “Oh, that I might capture the essence of this deep midwinter night .And fold it softly into the waft of a spring-moon quilt. Then fondly uncoil it the night my beloved returns.”

1. What was her profession besides poet? What words does she use to evoke an emotion in the reader?

2. What is the racial slur that was used against my former student, Young Jae Lee as he was walking back to his apartment in K-town and was accosted by 2 strangers? Why?

3. What war does Young Hwan Kim, former Presidential candidate in South Korea, refer to in “Prologue”? How?

4. What was a comfort woman? What happened to those women?


I need 2 sheets.(both paper should have same anwer)

1. one page of discussion paper based on answering all above question. (no label make as paragraphs)

2. label each question and answer.

(example :

1. her profession beside……..


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